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Weps gets your online store started in 15 minutes, thanks to our revolutionary chatbot technology. Everything to get your business online in one place. 

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Weps Chatbot
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Step #1

WepsBot will ask you a few simple questions in a 2 minute conversation. That helps him set up your website's structure and make sure everything you want to be there is really there.

Weps CMS
Add your products 👕👖👟
Step #2

Upload photos and product information straight to your website. Add your business information and link your Paypal account. No drag'n'drop or coding. Build your store from the comfort of your smartphone, tablet or desktop.

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Step #3

Choose a free domain name or simply redirect the one you already own and you're good to go! We include the domain & hosting in the price.

People ❤️ Weps

  • "I have never launched a project faster than this and it still looks better than any landing page I have created before!"

    Nikolaus M. H. Thomale
    Nikolaus Thomale
  • "My favourite thing about Weps is the instant website generation by the chatbot, which allows me to see exactly how my decisions influence the final product."

    Martin Ebelis
    Martin Ebelis
  • "Excellent little builder, it's so easy - 100 times easier than Squarespace, but has the same clean style."

    Catherine Thomas Banks
    Catherine Banks

Weps Online Store Is Especially Useful For

Testing New Ideas

Since setting up an online store only takes minutes, ideas can be validated on real people fast, cheap and hassle free.


By focusing only on the business essentials, Weps gets you started without having you worry about setup.


Be it craft beer, coffee or something else, Weps is perfect for telling your story and converting visitors into customers.


You can do it all wherever you are, cause Weps works just as great on your smartphone, tablet or desktop. No apps.

How much does it cost?

We know starting a business is hard. That's why Weps is more affordable than any other e-commerce solution out there. No hidden fees. We don't take any commissions on your sales.

30-day free trial
no strings attached
Monthly flat fee

Perfect if you're just starting out and are not sure how things will go. You can always cancel or upgrade.

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Weps seamlessly integrates with the tools you love so much already 🛠

Google Analytics Logo Google Analytics to track your visitors
PayPal Logo Payments processed securely by PayPal 
Facebook Logo Facebook Pixel Coming Soon! 
Home Business Magazine
What sets Weps apart from other website building sites is its user-friendly chatbot

Weps creates some kick-ass websites that are both aesthetically pleasing and responsive

Weps structures and designs the website — users only need to fill in the blanks with pictures and content


Community of Amazing Store Owners ✈️

People all over the world helping each other make their online stores better than ever before. 

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